The Dead

Here you will find pictures of projects that I decided not to release or options on cars I didn't decided to release.

95 GMC Serria

Options I decided Not to Release

Lowered Dulley

Engines and other parts in the bed

1996 Chevy S-10

This is a Pro-Street S-10 I turned the regular cab into an extended cab and scratch made a bed inside. This project died because there's so many of this mesh out there and "The Devils" has about 50 differnt S-10 in his project list so I have killed this project due to it being over played. The only way this will rise from the dead is if I took the time to scratch make new Sonoma front end for it.

1970 Nova Wagon

Some of you may remember this project it was nova i turned into a station wagon. It had big meats in the back, cowl hood, and a blown engine. I thought it was a stupid idea.


Just look at the render and you'll know why I killed it.


More To Come...